A Note About What to Wear

As the season continues, it will be getting colder and colder. The brigade will hike, with children, at their own discretion. A few of us feel much like the mail man – rain or shine, sleet or snow – and will be hiking. Nonetheless, if it is below freezing or the road are iced over, we will not hike. Clothing: I have found that hiking in layers is best. With most of the carriers still on the front, it’s easy to remove or add a large coat. It is easier to wear something like long-underwear under pants and tops (with fleece are great). REI has some great pants, but these can be a bit pricey (I got a pair for my birthday). Continue to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. Having your baby against you on top will help with body heat. Musts are gloves, hat or ear warmers, warm socks, and something over your neck. As you hike, you will warm up! Back wearing: If you are wearing your baby on your back, it may be easier to wear multiple layers and put a larger coat on your front after baby is in carrier. This way, you can remove the jacket if needed without removing baby. Shoes: walking/ running shoes are good for most easy to moderate trails. If you plan to hike longer, more difficult trails (and you feel this is a new life-style change for you), I would highly encourage you to invest in a pair of hiking shoes. REI is great at helping you get something affordable and good quality for what you are doing!

Babies alike: buntings (full-body suite) are best. We have one that has hand and feet covers. We also wear a stocking cap, warm clothes underneath, and gloves, if needed. Their little legs can get really cold without something warm.