We are a group of families that believe it is possible to tend to both parents’ and children’s needs in tandem. We have built a small community in and around Nashville, TN with this simple philosophy in mind.

What do all parents need? What do all children need? How do we do this? All parents need to feel connected and supported, even more in today’s fractured communities and frequent moves. Not coincidentally children need the same, connection and support. While this primarily comes from parents, our group has evolved as a group of “surrogate moms and dads” for the times, however short, that parent is not available.

As a result MOST but NOT ALL members TEND to: baby-wear, nurse, co-sleep, baby-lead wean, use attachment principles in parenting, and lead a generally “crunchy” lifestyle. The result is a wealth of knowledge in these areas. We have a great mix of families  that work outside of the home and in the home.

To get involved check out the calendar for a general outline of what is going on and where we meet. The calendar is updated 2-3 times a year as the seasons change.